T E R M S  O F  S E R V I C E .


 All purchases will only be through PayPal. I require you to give an Paypal email so I can send you an invoice. If you're having issues with Paypal I can give you a Paypal.me link for payment.
    - Purchases are in USD unless otherwise stated
    - Send as Good/Service
    - Check No address needed
    - Do NOT include any extra information about the commission in the PayPal transaction. Only exception is your username.

 All payments MUST be paid upfront, unless I say other wise. I will not start on commission until I've received          payment. 
 If I do not receive payment within 24hrs, the order is canceled.


 I will give refunds in full if I haven't started the work.
 I will only give partial refunds depending on how far I am finished with the work
I usually will not give full refunds once the commission is completed. However if you are unhappy with the result I am more than happy to give you discounts on future purchases from me!

Subject Matter

I am opened to most themes, anthros, ferals etc. A list is available above. I am also open to NSFW commissions, however the cost will be an addition $10. I will not draw extreme fetishes such as guro, diapers-play, cub porn, hyper, inflation, vore, and other similar themes.


In most cases, I will accept to make small changes once given the final result, if I missed any crucial detail of what you've requested. This is the only opportunity you can ask for changes. Once you approve of the final results you no longer can ask for any changes.

Do not confused this opportunity to ask for additional accessories to the work, things of that nature should have been discussed previously.


I retain the rights to my artwork, which means I can still post them where ever I so desire. This also includes using them as merchandise (prints, book covers, etc.) and portfolios. Though I can tell you that I will never make merch off of commissioned work, unless they are specifically a fandom character like Naruto or Sasuke. Still I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

All art, commissions, and adoptables bought by me are for personal use only. You may use it for role-play purposes and post them on Charahub, ToyHouse, and other characters storage sites, such as weebly. You may also crop or resize the images into avatars if you wish. You may NOT post my work through Deviantart submission, Tumblr posts or other sites through a submission process, except for Furaffinity. You may also use them as Deviantart ID's, graphics for your personal websites and/or decorations on your blogs. Everything mentioned above requires proper credit to me. 

You may make charms, T-Shirt and other merchandise for personal use for yourself and friends.

None of my work is for commercial use at this time, thank you! You may NOT mass merchandise my artwork for profit.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!