T E R M S  O F  S E R V I C E .


This is an extension to the TOS for adoptable use. Please make sure to read my general TOS as well!



◆ Claims are only acceptable through comments where the adopts are being held (e.g. adopt submission/journal). Do not note, or private message me, asking to place hold, bid/ab an adopt (this is so there is no confusion between private and public bids/purchases.)
 Payment must be upfront. However, if I don't receive payment within 24hrs after replying to your claim, the adopt will be given to previous bidder, re-auctioned, or will be up for sale again. You will be blacklisted to the next auction or sale.
After purchases are made, you will receive a full resolution of the adoptable, without watermark. Please do not re-post the unwatermarked version of the adoptable for your safety and mine. This is to prevent theft! Please watermark the adoptable with your own signature! 

 Once payments is complete there are NO REFUNDS unless I personally show interest in buying back my own design.


 You may resell the adopt for the same price you purchased it for.
 You may increase the price if you purchased commissions of the adoptable.
    - Please check with the artist if they are okay with you reselling the commission.



◆ Purchased adopts may be traded.
 Once an adopt is traded, it can never be resold again.



 Gifting is allowed.
 You cannot trade gifted adopts. Return it to the gifter or to Me.


 Adopts purchased are for personal use only.
 You are free to do as you like with the adopt as long as profit is not being made.
 You may not create twins or siblings from the adopts.
 You cannot claim to be the creator of the design, you can only claim to be the owner of the character.
 Credit is required at least once. You can credit it me through Toyhou.se or my other social media.


 You can make changes to the adopt as long as it's still recognizable.
    - e.g. colors, gender, clothes,etc. 

 All edits must be shown to me for approval!!


 Do not harass people for my designs 
- If I get reports from people with proper evidence that harassment has happened you will be put on the blacklist.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!